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Turn off iPhone screen sharing after Apple Support call? (Revoke permissions granted)

When screen sharing is active, you'll see it in the status bar. I believe it's purple or red, but may be wrong. After the call ends the status bar coloring should go away. If this is the case, then ...
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Is there a way to find ALL permissions, attributes, etc. on a file from the command line?

Files copied directly from Time Machine usually come with some ACL (Access Control List) entries which may prevent deletion or overwriting. To see the ACLs defined for a file, use ls -el FILE. To ...
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Directories owned by user 501 after migrating between MacBooks and changing users

Presumably, when you did the migration, the migrated account was created with the user ID number 501, and the migrated files were assigned to that user. When you deleted the account, the files got ...
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Time Machine [Failed to unlink item] with Google Drive

I experienced the same problem. The root of the issue seems to be that the "My Drive" file is marked immutable (or in Finder lingo, it is "locked"). You can see this on the command ...
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What permissions must I ensure after manually copying contents into ~/Library?

I don't know what I was looking at when checking the owner and group of the files, because apparently I did look, according to the question. Anyway, it turns out that my manual cp -a from HFS+ to ...
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