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can't add my present account to folder > Get Info > Sharing & Permissions on Macbook Pro

UPDATED MARCH 2023 Problem happened again on a new Mac. solution: file > Get Info > Sharing & Permissions > click lock/unlock in lower right Now (+) works. (+) > select my account (ie....
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Why (and how) does the /Applications folder on Ventura show files from /System/Applications too?

Is /Applications a regular folder like any other or is it some kind of werewolf overlay of multiple folders which only appears to be a regular folder? How is this called and where is it documented? ...
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Where are file extended attributes saved?

Extended attributes are stored separately in the file system (such as APFS or HFS+). This means that the extended attributes are not stored inside the main file data, so no file modification takes ...
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Where are file extended attributes saved?

EXIF data is stored within the JPG, if you'd like to modify other EXIF attributes, you can keep the original date and time with this: "-filemodifydate<datetimeoriginal" HTH! Sources: ...
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Where are file extended attributes saved?

These attributes are stored totally separate from the file itself, in a special section of the disk volume. So adding, removing or modifying extended attributes does not alter the file in any way.
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