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How to make a Mac OS X .app with a shell script?

The answer from Gray mostly worked for me, but on an ARM64 Mac, it kept prompting me to install Rosetta. Adding the LSArchitecturePriority to the /Contents/Info.plist seems to fix this, as MacOS ...
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RSS reader for iPhone with text-to-speech support?

EchoFeed has builtin support for text-to-speech, powered by Azure AI Speech, you might want to check it out. ref:
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Disable or remove NewsToday2

Remove the News widget until the bug is fixed. Open Notification Center by clicking the time in the menu bar (top-right), then right-click the News widget and choose Remove Widget. Add and customise ...
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Is there a repeating, vibrating timer app for the iPhone that supports app-switching?

This app is the Best Timer app and it's free with no ads.
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OpenVPN Connect profile path

The above path is correct but I reached to profiles in three steps from terminal. cd ~/Library/Application\ Support cd OpenVPN\ Connect cd profiles
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