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How to prevent an application to automatically set itself as the default application?

If you do "Change All" in File > Get Info, I would expect that to stick, and not be reset. By which I mean that's my experience -- I've never seen a file association 'reset automatically' ...
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WeatherCan app won’t launch on iPad mini 2

It is possible that the iPad Mini 2 is just too 'old' a device to run this version of the app. Absent definitive confirmation from the developer, this is just supposition.
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Can one copy some applications from one volume to another on the same iMac(Ventura)?

TL;DR Yes. Install a new OS on a clean partition on a secondary drive (i.e. the external SSD), then copy the applications from the old Applications folder to the Applications folder on the new ...
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How to update packages installed via Homebrew?

If you're only trying to upgrade one package: brew upgrade package_name All packages brew update && brew outdated && brew upgrade && brew cleanup Note, I had to add my own ...
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How to uninstall Webex?

WebEx is particularly intrusive in that it searches for known browsers and installs its messaging scripts to their NativeMessagingHosts. In addition to using app zappers, you can confidently remove ...
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How to uninstall Covenant Eyes?

Covenant Eyes has some protection against just removing it (which makes sense, given how it works). It comes with an uninstaller which can be used to remove the application. See How do I uninstall ...
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How to remove chrome app icons from launchpad?

If you want to just remove from only the Dock, you can drag it off launch pad until it show "remove" word and let go. To remove from launch pad, there needs to be uninstalling of the app. To ...
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How can I change the Main Menu name of a copy of

I had originally been trying to tweak a Finder copy in the Applications folder of, a renamed "TextEdit". I got this advice from Peter Lewis of Keyboard Maestro: Mac ...
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How can I view the list of all apps in the App Library on iOS 15?

@cachius answer to Easy way to see a list of all the apps I have installed on my iPhone has the currently correct answer (iOS 14/15). This also refers to iOS 14: How to Use the App Library on iPhone ...
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How to disable command-Q for Quit?

The best way I found is next. When I click Cmd + Q it locks my screen. To achieve this: Run System Settings Select Keyboard in sidebar Press Keyboard Shortcuts button Select App Shortcuts in sidebar ...
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Can an application leave some files behind after it is uninstalled on iOS, and can it slow down or harm the OS in other ways after it is uninstalled?

While the entire app container is deleted on uninstall, including the app's read-only files representing itself and its read-write files for user documents and settings, there are other things that ...
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