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Meaning of "[] Failed to send message because the port couldn't be created."

According to the article Why have my Time Machine backups stopped or become irregular? You may see some minor errors, such as UserEventAgent[67]: (TimeMachine) [] ...
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Time Machine [Failed to unlink item] with Google Drive

I experienced the same problem. The root of the issue seems to be that the "My Drive" file is marked immutable (or in Finder lingo, it is "locked"). You can see this on the command ...
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tmutil: associatedisk vs inheritbackup difference

You mean: What are differences between inheritbackup and associatedisk? associatedisk connects a new device to make backups on your old TMBackup, e.g: sudo tmutil associatedisk -a /Volumes/...
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How do I replace my smaller Time Machine Drive with a New Drive on macOS Ventura (Encrypted)

Before macOS 11 (Big Sur) Time Machine used HFS+ formatted disks. Whilst not easy it was possible to copy TM backups to a new HFS+ formatted disk. See some of the "related" links in the side ...
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Why do external Time Machine backups appear on internal drive in /Volumes/.timemachine?

So the question is: where are my backups, really? If my Mac's internal drive dies, does the SSD really have everything it needs to do a full restore? The /Volumes folder is just a directory that ...
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