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How to restore (with Time Machine) from a newer MacOS (Monterey) to an older MacOS (Catalina)?

Time Machine will not let you restore to an older OS. This was true even when both the new & old OS used the same disk format. It's probably 'even more true' trying to go from Monterey back to ...
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Offline iCloud backups

This is what I use on my always running iMac (more of an anecdote than answer) and I am splitting it into iCloud Drive and Photos which are stored very differently. Like you, I do not use optimised ...
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NAS backup no longer working due to time machine stuck preparing backup. Error 19

I happened to have the same problem and found a lot of useless hints to solve the issue. I can assure you 100% it has nothing to do with file permissions, NAS version, NAS filesystem, ... it is 100% ...
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Can I restore a time machine backup from one partition to another on the same HD?

You should be able to restore any TM backup volume onto any other Mac volume. However: a valid backup is a second copy on a separate physical device. I would not attempt restoring one partition to ...
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Where does Safari store the open tabs?

LastSession.plist is no longer used since Safari v15 for the purpose of storing the tabs. To get back your tabs: Close Safari and make sure it's not running anymore In Finder Go to Folder... (from ...
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Disk utility volume button is greyed out

Add will be disabled if you have selected the physical disk. Select the container disk or the existing TM volume instead (assuming the disk is APFS formatted) and you will be able to add another ...
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Unable copy time machine back up files- the drive shows as read only

This is correct behavior. Time Machine puts some extra locks to prevent people from moving or deleting files. As to your main question, fire up migration assistant to bring back apps, settings or user ...
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Boot Camp missing from start selection after removing 3rd Mac partition. Requesting assistance to restore functionality of Boot Camp

Windows 7 uses the MBR partition table. Currently this table only has one entry. You will need to edit the first entry and add the 3 missing entries. This can be accomplished by using the gdisk ...
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Warning: xf : INO_EXT_TYPE_DSTREAM when running First Aid of Disk Utility

it appears the fsck_apfs in Disk Utility by default runs in live mode, which can be only executed with -n (to deny any repairs). To Fix, I need to unmount the volume with write access and run ...
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Enable APFS snapshots without enabling Time Machine backups

I'll mention the workaround I've employed: Mount an external disk that I don't use anymore. Set it up as the Time Machine disk. Eject the disk, and never amount it again. Profit. Time Machine ...
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How can I backup just user data to an external drive that anyone can read?

You may overcome the 'locked' status of files if you check the box "Ignore Ownership on this volume" in Get Info.
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Can't set up time machine with 500G drive and 1TB samsung T7

TM is not complaining about only 99MB left on the backup disk, but about the Macintosh HD not having free space. It needs quite a bit to work with for snapshots etc. In addition, as the other ...
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Can't Find Safari History File (Time Machine)

You need to start Safari at least once to get the history database in ~/Library/Safari/History.db. You'll find it in the same place in your TimeMachine backup.
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