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How to make Homebrew directories writeable by multiple users?

Homebrew should only be maintained by one (admin) account, you will run into permission and other issues otherwise. On my Macs, I solved this by setting up a password-less ssh login from my main (non-...
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Issue with running SH file

You can only execute a file if it has the execute permission. To give bin/EagerGradle the execute permission, run chmod +x bin/EaglerGradle You may want to run chmod +x as well so that you can ...
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Preview quarantine madness: it quarantines files as I'm editing them

Thank you @Linc D.! The answer is to check out your ~/Library/Containers/ directory. He said to move it aside, but I couldn't do that - one of those voodoo permissions I don't have ...
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Fixing "not allowed to send keystrokes" error in Automator workflow

What seemed to work for me was going into System Settings > Privacy & Security > Accessibility > toggling permissions OFF for Automator, Script Editor, Shortcuts. I then quit the System ...
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