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Failed Homebrew Installation

Taking your device to a couple networks would be prudent to be sure it's an issue on your macOS and not just transient network communication issues. This is the command to test: curl -I https://raw....
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Cloning 14in Macbook Pro M1 Pro => 13in Macbook Air M2

I would recommend to use the Apple Migration Assistant that is made just for what you want. Use Migration Assistant to copy all of your documents, apps, user accounts, and settings to a new Mac from ...
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Risk of uninstalling a customised zsh version

This is a downside of not uninstalling the brew-installed version: The $PATH variable which defines where your command is looked for, /usr/local/bin is usually explored before /bin. (the default in ...
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Risk of uninstalling a customised zsh version

In general, macOS doesn't care about custom-installed shells (I'm running a Homebrew-installed bash as my login shell since years), so there is no downside in keeping both versions installed, have ...
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Python launcher Icon every time a script runs

To prevent the Python icon: from appearing in the dock, add this to your script: import matplotlib matplotlib.use("Agg") In my case, the appearance of the icon was apparently caused by ...
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