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How can I open port 80 so a non-root process can bind to it?

As of macOS 14 (14.1 to be more specific, although this has been around for a few releases), you can use BSD's pf (packet filter) command, which is part of macOS (macOS is based on FreeBSD). For ...
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DNS works differently in Private Browsing on iOS 17

Turn off “Advanced Tracking and Fingerprinting Protection” in Safari’s advanced settings, and don’t use the iCloud Private Relay.
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Cannot join wifi network - "please move closer"

I had the same issue. Then I realized I had turned on Internet Sharing to help a MacBook Air get to the internet, and forgot to turn it off.
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Port forwarding on macOS Sonoma 14.1.1 (23B81)

I haven't tried it, but if tinkering with pf.conf isn't working for you, it might be worth trying this open-source app:
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Remote control of a Mac that's behind a NAT

I use the free Chrome Remote Desktop extension to access my own laptop at home from the office. It also works in Microsoft Edge.
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Macbook loses network connection when connecting external display

I had the same problem. I run two monitors and had a dongle plugged into both sides one for the left monitor and one for the right monitor. I ended up plugging them both into the right and that ...
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Best brute-force prevention for Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra

For anyone still looking for an answer to this question, I found macOS Fortress. While it does more than just blocking brute-force login attempts, you can install just the firewall portion on its own ...
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How can I list my open network ports with netstat?

As an alternative tool, you can try BSD look alike sockstat tool to show LISTENING sockets:
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What is qemu-system-x86_64 from launchd and why does it want to "accept incoming network connections"?

I figured it out: In ActivityMonitor, if the "Parent process" doesn't offer clues as to why something is running, using the "Sample" button then digging through the output can ...
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How to create computer-to-computer network on macOS Sonoma (2023+)

I found it! and it works like a charm ;) Thanks to Matt Moore!
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How to debug Mac servers (with file sharing) when the SMB shares disconnect on the client side?

There is an OpenSource app doing just that, take a look at It is meant for MDM administrators but can be used without configuration profiles at ...
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