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Should I make my primary user an Administrator or not?

The accepted answer reads like an opinion rather than a factual answer. But of course finding factual answers with Apple products is often difficult due to sparse documentation, and ever-changing even ...
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Is it feasible to use an iPad that supports Apple Pencil 2nd Generation without internet?

I recently have taken an interest myself in seeing how much an iPad can be isolated from the internet while still being useful for my daily tasks. What you're wanting to do should definitely be ...
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How to unblock binary from use because Mac says it is not from identified developer

Open a terminal and run: $ /Applications/
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System Keychain Certs Import fail with UNIX[Operation not permitted]

This is an old question, but the issue still occurs. I'm on Ventura 13.5.2, and still seeing the issue. The simple fix, is close the Keychain app and then add it to Full Disk Access in ...
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