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Using utilities how can I format a GPT disk without an EFI

With EFI > diskutil eraseDisk exFAT NONAME /dev/diskX > diskutil list external physical /dev/diskX (external, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE ...
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Why does Time Machine settings not see a network drive?

For Posterity, this appears to have been resolved at some point between 14.4.1 and 14.5. But is not in the release notes that I could find. Potentially an unexpected consequence related to another ...
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Can't unlock APFS external drive

I had the same problem too but I still remember disk's password. I used "UFS Explorer" to unlocked it and copied the data to my new disk.
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External drive with Time Machine not visible

IT worked for me when I connected it to my windows machine and used "Disk Manager" to delete the partitions and create then in exFAT format. When I connected it back to Mac, Time Machine was ...
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