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iMac 2011 10.13.6 High Sierra

Can I avoid disassembling to take out the SSD and format it? Yes. You could try booting to High Sierra Internet Recovery. If successful, you could use the Disk Utility perform operations (such as ...
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Using CCC 6, should I choose "Macintosh HD" or just my "Users/myusername" folder as source?

Just choose Macintosh HD, it's the safest. CCC will work out what it should and should not copy, e.g it will exclude the SSV. If you exclude everything bar your User folder, you may lose other ...
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MacBook late 2016 does not recognize internal SSD. I can boot up from an external SSD that has macOS installed

Similar thing happened to me, but I think some internal hardware has been damaged or embedded circuit failure (due to overheating). I searched for schematic diagram of the ssd everywhere online but ...
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Can one copy some applications from one volume to another on the same iMac(Ventura)?

TL;DR Yes. Install a new OS on a clean partition on a secondary drive (i.e. the external SSD), then copy the applications from the old Applications folder to the Applications folder on the new ...
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What is the correct model/type SSD for an old MacBook Pro 13-inch Early 2011?

The hard drive can be upgraded to any 2.5" SATA SSD you wish, as they are standard. Since the SSD will be far faster than any spinning hard drive, there is no need to purchase a premium, very ...
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How to change Home Folder from Remote to default local path?

edit /etc/auto_master # comment out the line with /home in it. remount: sudo automount -vc disable System Integrity Protection by rebooting to recovery (Cmd+R on startup) and csrutil disable delete ...
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Can I utilize T2 hardware based encryption for external SSD drive?

I would recommend using your Mac for encryption - not the external SSDs hardware encryption. Makers of externals SSDs generally have a quite bad reputation for the security of their products. If a ...
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Rescuing a hard drive with ddrescue

I know that my answer won't help the author of the question, but just to help others who may face the same error: in my case I encountered it because I followed some online guides that advised to use ...
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df reports strange inode info

FAT32 doesn't have inodes, it has a File Allocation Table; therefore used & free inodes are zero - but also 100% of the possible total. See SuperUser - What is the difference between FAT and Inode?...
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White screen - MacBook 15” early 2011

If it won't boot to a disk with a known working OS (including the original HDD), then it's a hardware fault. Is it possible that when you installed the SSD, you didn't put everything back correctly, ...
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NTFS Disk "failed to mount"

For anyone else looking here, I got it working with this command based on Sasgorilla's response: sudo mount -t msdos /dev/[diskname] /Volumes/[folder_name] In my case: mount -t msdos /dev/disk4s1 /...
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