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How do I install handbrake cli?

As of 2024 (Sonoma) I didn't get the HandbrakeCLI utility after installing handbrake with: brew install handbrake But, the comment from @Nolan gave the hint, the binary is located in handbrake's ...
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Unable to execute arara (a TeX automation tool) from the Terminal

There is no ../../texmf-dist/scripts/arara/ installed (or /usr/local/texlive/2024/texmf-dist/scripts/arara/ which is where the symlink points to), this seems to be an error in the ...
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How to remove a partition with terminal?

If you want to remove the partition and not create a new one for disk0 partition 4, here's the command: diskutil eraseVolume free free disk0s4 The "free free" instructs eraseVolume to ...
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Is there a way to `measure_memory ./program` similar to how `time ./program` measures time?

/usr/bin/time -l <command> will print the rusage of the process and its children. getrusage() returns information describing the resources utilized by the current process, or all its terminated ...
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Search for keychain password via Terminal/shell?

First of all you need to specify in which keychain you want to search. Add (typically) this to the end of your command: /Users/d0G/Library/keychains/login.keychain-db
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macOS Shortcut to hide folder

Shortcut Input is not something that will coerce to file items, which is what Run Shell Script wants for its input. Since the input is also a list, the usual way to handle them is to step through the ...
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Match the Creation Date of 2 sets of files with same name

Just wanted to share that I am successfully using this code in Windows python (written with great annoyance and aid from ChatGPT). Note that pywin32 needs to be installed (I used PIP to do it). Here's ...
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Can you access the list of network devices from the command line?

Sure, the tool is dns-sd It conducts service delivery using the multicast DNS (mDNS or Bonjour) protocol. To list all services, I start here. You’ll want to then change the query for AFP (_afp) or SMB ...
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Case-insensitive ls sorting in Mac OSX

This thread contains some great info, here it is spelled out in one spot. Thanks to Dmitry and Spinup_A_Davis! I've noticed the cs_CZ.ISO8859-2 approach doesn't handle ch (ch,CH,cH,Ch) well. I have ...
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What are the command line options for afconvert?

I've run into an important caveat with afconvert. the help text gives many options, for instance --bitrate. These options are codec dependent, and not all options work for all codecs. I haven't been ...
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My terminal applications start bash, but no init files are getting sourced

With your configuration, only .bash_profile should be sourced. .profile is not sourced, if .bash_profile exists. .bashrc is not sourced, if the shell is a login shell. I suggest that you put your ...
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