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Automator adding dots when I write code

Yes, that is code completion, where it is trying to match what you are currently typing to what you have typed before. The idea is to avoid typos and speed up the entry of common terms. The items it ...
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Auto switch sound sink on power change

Solved with a python script that calls SwitchAudioSource installed by brew install switchaudio-osx: import psutil import subprocess import time while True: if psutil.sensors_battery()....
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how to quickly reboot from OSX to Windows and back

I've been looking for a useful way for several years, and I can't bear it anymore. So I learned Swift and wrote a macOS Menu Bar app that takes you from macOS to Windows in at least 3 clicks. That's ...
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How do I get the "percentage completed" to work on Automator apps?

See if this helps, in the "Mac Automation Scripting Guide" under the section "Interacting with Users" lists Displaying Progress: - Reset the progress information set ...
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