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AppleScript ( error: Can't get duration of current track

It's weird having to re-enable automator app in Privacy & Security > Accessibility everytime it has been changed, but so far found only a terminal shortcut to open its window to make it a bit ...
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Toggle menu bar auto hide by pressing F6

The following AppleScript automates the toggling between Always and Never modes for automatically hiding the menu bar on macOS 14.5 (Sonoma): tell application "System Settings" reveal ...
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Change app's icon by script

Using the answer from @wch1zpink , I was able to come up with a solution that uses the Foundation framework instead of UI scripting. There's a caveat: it works when run in Automator but not as a ...
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Change app's icon by script

You should not alter files in an application bundle, as that may break the code signing. Also, the Finder's scripting dictionary shows the icon property as being a bitmap, so you would need to ...
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Change app's icon by script

This following solution is not exactly what you may be looking for but I think it is enough to set you on the right path. This following AppleScript code uses the fileicon shell script utility. If ...
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