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Create key, certificate signing request, p12 file and provisioning file on Ubuntu for Mac keychain

I also ran into this problem when trying to import a pkcs12 certificate. The certificate worked fine everywhere else. Tracked the problem down to the "Friendly name". Apparently that isn't ...
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How to configure "DiskImageMounter" like in /etc/fstab?

To clarify: aye, obviously you can use /etc/fstab to mount things on macOS. By default it's empty; but that doesn't mean you cannot create it, it just means that, by default, there are no (external) ...
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How do I remove Ubuntu from my MacBook?

Boot to macOS Catalina and enter the following commands. diskutil apfs resizecontainer disk0s2 0 sudo diskutil mount disk0s1 cd /Volumes/EFI/EFI rm -r BOOT rm -r ubuntu cd ~ diskutil unmount disk0s1 ...
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