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Problems with Python on macos Ventura

python and pip not being found is good - what has happened here is that these are for python 2 which was end of life in 2020 and Apple have removed them. So you now need to use python3 and pip3 ...
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Circumvent the build process without AppleTeam ID, TeamID and so on

You can compile from source code without involving Apple. This is possible with Xcode and with traditional command line tools. Try running xcodebuild within the Xcode project directory. It probably ...
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Different programs in the same Xcode C++ project

This gave me hard time too. To fix this I had to make sure that the file I intend to compile is the only one that appears in the 'Build Phases' section.
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How to develop and test a macOS app that supports multiple versions of macOS using one MacBook Pro?

I found a partial solution that will allow a development build done on the host Mac to run in a guest VM. It turns out that the problem is related to the provisioning profile and its registered ...
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Virtualized macOS via UTM will not allow sign in to the App Store for installation of Xcode?

I am also having this issue from a cybersecurity perspective I can not test firewall settings with NewNode VPN to see what it is doing in a sandbox environment. This is what occurs... A sandbox is ...
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