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Run a program/script when the screen is locked or unlocked

Here's a simple script that I use when Karabiner fails on the lock screen. It turns the On Screen Keyboard on when the mac locks. import Foundation class ScreenLockObserver { init() { let ...
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AppleScript: Wrap selected text to a specific width

After a bit of searching around, the following seems to work. This was on macOS 13.5.2 and Automator 2.10 (521.1). Open Automator File -> New -> Quick Action Search for "shell script" ...
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Use Applescript to set a Music app playlist's View Options?

Late reply, but I found out today that playlist view information is stored in preferences/defaults for, so in domain (~/Library/Preferences/ file). It ...
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Applescript: Mail - Is there a way to save user settings and re-apply them

I found what the problem was. "always bcc myself" and "always cc myself" are not independent. In fact it implemented as "always [xx] myself" as true or false, and "...
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Setting to open new TextEdit document window in center?

@Nic wrote: there's really only one solution: write a custom AppleScript Well, no. There are at least two others solutions available that have their own advantages: A. Use Keyboard Maestro. It comes ...
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How do I get the "percentage completed" to work on Automator apps?

See if this helps, in the "Mac Automation Scripting Guide" under the section "Interacting with Users" lists Displaying Progress: - Reset the progress information set ...
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Change signature of open e-mail with Apple Script

I finally found a solution myself. Here's the working code: tell application "Mail" activate end tell tell application "System Events" tell process "Mail" ...
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