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How can I open a Terminal window directly from my current Finder location?

2024-07 Solution:,window%3A%20Choose%20Open%20in%20Terminal. I can't believe I've never found ...
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how to prevent alt+arrows from moving cursor to end/begin of a word

You can do it in terminal Settings under Profiles -> Keyboard. Just remove those two shortcuts. Alt + arrows correspond to \033f and \033b.
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What are resources for learning to use terminal

A website I found very useful when learning myself was Lovely long list of bash commands that work on MacOS, which you can then research to learn how to use.
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How to bindkey page up/page down in macOS terminal?

By default, the Page Up and Page Down keystrokes are intercepted and interpreted by, so they never make it to the shell running in the terminal window. Therefore there's no way to assign ...
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My terminal applications start bash, but no init files are getting sourced

With your configuration, only .bash_profile should be sourced. .profile is not sourced, if .bash_profile exists. .bashrc is not sourced, if the shell is a login shell. I suggest that you put your ...
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Reset default terminal directory Mac Ventura 13.6.7

I found that in .zshenv would grab from .bash_profile, and in my .bash_profile there was a CD command to would set my directory. So even if you're using zshell you might be some things running from ...
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