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New SSD only bootable via USB, not SATA

TL;DR; I used a 2TB Crucial BX500 2.5-inch SSD Clearly that KingSpec 4TB SATAIII SSD did was not compatible with the MacBook Pro (Early) 2011. It worked ok via USB but not internal SATA connection. ...
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Delete photo from photos app in mac does not remove that photo from the storage

Photos is designed for people that don’t want to manage their photos in a filesystem. Photos is designed for people that wish for their libraries and metadata and organization to sync. If you have ...
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Force sync Photos to iCloud on macOS

I always have one temp album. Whenever I like to sync, I just add the latest photos to that album and will create a iCloud link. The sync will automatically start for rest of the photos too. If not ...
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Is there any Mac software to handle archives (zip, rar, 7z, tar, etc.) that allows browsing?

Try Commander One. That's in case when the archiver is built into the File manager, if you want to have all the tools at hand in one software.
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How can I force an application on MacOS to not use the GPU

This answer is related, but pertains to Macbooks with integrated and discrete graphics, and not necessarily external GPUs (not tested) and is not automatable. I was looking for an answer to this ...
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Restrict Mac with Touch ID to unlock only via password

Navigate to Apple Menu → System Settings... → Touch ID & Password and toggle off Use Touch ID to unlock your Mac.
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Restrict Mac with Touch ID to unlock only via password

Thanks to comments I realized I just need to send a message to force immediate log out which then requires password entry from the Lock Screen. osascript -e 'tell application "loginwindow" ...
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Inadvertently Set Macbook to Enforce Smartcard Login and Need to Bypass it

I just solved this over the weekend doing these things. MacBook Smart Card Locks System Up: Fix Account must use smart card to login error message: smart card pin prompt doesn’t come up but password ...
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How to export annotations in iBooks for Mac?

I built a free app for MacOS to make this easier! You can download it here: It connects to your phone over USB and allows you to search through all ...
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Is it possible to include a shared calender from Exchange in the calendar app on Mac OS X?

There’s an important distinction in Outlook that many users confuse. Delegation is a different feature than what most Outlook users look for when asking for Shared Calendars. Delegation only works if ...
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Is nested virtualization is supported by Apple Silicon chips (M2/M3)?

According to Apple Documentation: Nested virtualization is available for Mac with the M3 chip, and later. Reference:
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Location of downloaded voices - primarily used for announcement in Mac

You can see the space they occupy and delete them in settings->accessibility->spoken content->system voice->manage voices See
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