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The $(pwd) in your alias command is replaced immediately by its value returned from execution. This occurs at the creation of the alias, not when you want to use the alias. As shown after your first run of alias myls, the alias contains the exact path, not a call to pwd, so this will always use the original path set when you created the alias. To use the ...


New user accounts will be created with zsh as the default shell. Existing accounts will keep whatever settings they already have in place.


I've personally not used MacOS Catalina. It may or may not require you to run chsh altogether as the superuser (i.e. root). Try executing chsh -l (lowercase L) to see a list of the shells available to you. As changing a user's shell modifies /etc/passwd, you'll only be able to modify your own user's shell if you don't run chsh with sudo or as the root user....


Turns out the terminal app has its own settings for which shell to use. I had to go to terminal preferences and change the option for Shells open with to Default login shell:


Adding unset zle_bracketed_paste in ~/.zshrc file ZSH will treat newlines in snippets as ↩.

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