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Using utilities how can I format a GPT disk without an EFI

The EFI partition uses 409600/7814037168*100%=0.00524% of the drive, while the JHFS+ partition uses 7813365344/7814037168*100%=99.99140% of the drive. IMO, avoiding having an EFI partition is not ...
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Possible diskutil info protocol fields?

I solved this a while go and will explain the problem before what I used for the solution. Probably a lack of experience here with this component of macOS but the need was to collect disk names and ...
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Onyx File System check has taken 5 hours so far 😮

Many Hours Full disk checks can take hours. While not specific to Onyx, this The Tech Wire article confirms the length: The scan by chkdsk can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 6 hours. The size of ...
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Deleting APFS volume doesn't free up any space

The only solution I could come up with was to delete and recreate the entire container. Funnily enough, before deleting the container I had first copied the entire APFS partition with GParted to a ...
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How to change Home Folder from Remote to default local path?

edit /etc/auto_master # comment out the line with /home in it. remount: sudo automount -vc disable System Integrity Protection by rebooting to recovery (Cmd+R on startup) and csrutil disable delete ...
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df reports strange inode info

FAT32 doesn't have inodes, it has a File Allocation Table; therefore used & free inodes are zero - but also 100% of the possible total. See SuperUser - What is the difference between FAT and Inode?...
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USB Flash drive not mounting (shows up in diskutil)

Creating a new partition table using a partition manager solved the problem. (I used KDE Partition Manager in Arch Linux)
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