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It looks like this is a limitation of the Twitter app, not the SDK: 3) Showing the selection UI again the recommended way is to manually request to show the selection UI again. Apple explains that if you have an app that requires full access to the photo library (e.g. some app whose main purpose is to let you browse and organize the photo library), you ...


Safari does not provide an option to auto-delete cookies on quit as other browsers do. So the idea is, to delete the cookies on shut down of Mac OS X using a shell script: 1. Create an empty Cookie file Open Safari Go to Preferences –> Security - > Show Cookies Delete all Cookies Quit Safari without loading any website in between Open Finder Go to „/...


Shortly after posting the question, I found out that there is a new feature in iOS/iPadOS/WatchOS that changes the MAC address to an individual private one for every wifi network. I think I will be turning it off for my own wifi networks. It seems to be turned on by default.


I ran into this with Logitech Options. It wasn't showing up in Input Monitoring. To fix this, I had to see where else it was and remove it. Then reboot. In my case, I found Logi Options and Logi Options Daemon in Accessibility. Click the lock icon Enter admin password Select the app to remove Click the minus sign (-) button Repeat for other related apps ...

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