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How to disable all "Allow paste from" prompts?

This can be configured in the app-specific part of Settings if the app supports it (otherwise you should contact the developer).
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Is it possible to use screen sharing without the remote screen being visible?

If you have a Jump Desktop client 1, they recently implemented Privacy mode for what they call "Fluid" 2 Footnotes: currently 35 USD for the Mac version; iOS is cheaper, and Windows is ...
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Allowing apps to access specified contacts

I have been wanting this for a very long time. I put a feedback into Apple for this a while back. And will keep doing so I would suggest every one does this. It has always seemed made to me that this ...
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My mom offered to share her iPhone Health app data with me. Do I have to put MY data in iCloud to see HER data?

Is there any way to see my mom's data without compromising my data? The short answer is YES...but.... However, there are details you should be aware of regarding the Health Sharing feature. Now, I am ...
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Clear Safari data on iOS with ease

If you want to clear history data, you can do so directly in Safari. Blocking All Cookies in Safari settings automatically clears all website data. I don't believe turning it on prevents new website ...
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