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Importing Notes from one mac to another?

When I got a new mid-2018 Macbook Pro in Spring 2019 that was running Mojave, I needed to transfer Notes from a mid-2012 Macbook Pro running Mavericks. What I did was copy the larger folder in ~/...
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How to delete TimeMachine Backups selectively?

You can no longer modify within a backup. You can delete an entire backup by selecting the backup in Finder and right clicking it to delete it. You can also delete backups in Disk Utility and with the ...
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What is the difference between APFS Local Snapshots and Time Machine Snapshots?

Snapshots are based on APFS CoW (Copy on Write) feature. In the same way the Finder allows you to clone a 1 GB file on APFS, modify 1 byte in the cloned version, and end up using only 1 GB + 1 Block ...
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Why use backup if icloud is already enabled for every application

Most people do not understand how iCloud actually works. Let’s clear it up. There are two spaces iCloud uses: the backup space and the sync space. The switches in the “Apps Using iCloud” determine ...
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Time machine drive wiped?

Ok, this was my fault. I stupidly put the Time Machine backup behind Samsung's horrendous password protection. Of course, the drivers didn't work on macOS for some reason so I had to load it on ...
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Cloning 14in Macbook Pro M1 Pro => 13in Macbook Air M2

I would recommend to use the Apple Migration Assistant that is made just for what you want. Use Migration Assistant to copy all of your documents, apps, user accounts, and settings to a new Mac from ...
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How to delete (tmutil delete) all old backups from TimeMachine - keep only current full backup

macOS Sonoma Version 14.0 I have some problems with above bash code. This is my modified code that applies to me. #!/bin/bash # Assuming you have the backup disk connected & root privileges: # ...
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Time Machine says "Waiting for Backup" and never starting

I suggest you start by verifying (and repairing, if necessary) the backup volume in Disk Utility. That will take a long time. Make sure it's formatted as APFS, not HFS. After that, try connecting the ...
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backupd using massive CPU

Just to close the loop on this, though I never did find the root cause, my fix has been to use TimeMachineEditor to hold off backups until the Mac is idle.
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