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You may not have to do anything except deregister your cellular number from messages. At that point, if people send you messages to your Apple ID they won’t deliver if you sign out of the app on any remaining Apple OS devices.


After 6 years, I finally found a solution. Use sndcpy with ADB over TCP. Ensure that you have USB Debugging on and Install via USB on. If vlc is not found even though you installed VLC Media Player, then you can set an environment variable in your ~/.zshrc or ~/.bashrc by adding a new line: export VLC="/Applications/" If ...


The problem is likely on the sending side, and you certainly can be sure your accounts are set up correctly before you pester them. See about removing your SMS from your mporarily while you test. Contact switched to Android; how to send texts instead of iMessages? Once you’re sure your account wasn’t told to ...


You will need a Lightning to USB Type-C adapter, such as This adapter claims to work for connecting EarPods to a MacBook. It doesn’t mention your Samsung phone, but this is the necessary physical conversion required.

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