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British Mac Keyboard - § and ` key the wrong way around

In my case, it was because it somehow changed from ISO to ANSI after the upgrade to Sonoma. To change it back, I did the following: Install karabiner-elements brew install --cask karabiner-elements ...
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Deleted Process (CacheDelete)

I ended up being able to solve this after performing several processes. Restarted in recovery (CMD+R) and ran terminal to disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) using csrutil disable. Then, I ...
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Suddenly the "diagnosticd" daemon rise up to over 200% CPU usage

On an intel mac, I noticed crash logs that mention Calendar app icon. I assumed this has to do with the calendar icon showing in the simulator. Removing the Calendar app icon inside the simulator, ...
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MBP on TB3-Dock ignores USB-Devices until reconnect

According to Unresponsive keyboard and mouse during macOS login and incorrect default sound output device from Thunderbolt Dock maker CalDigit having FileVault turned on prevents some external input ...
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Can I tell my Mac to charge to 80% only?

This shortcut will run in the background once activated. It will detect if your Mac is charging within 15 minutes based on an increased battery percentage. You can program it to perform any action. ...
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MacBook Pro M1 Pro - Internal monitor removed but still shows in System Prefences

Your MacBook Pro likely still detects the internal display because the display's logic board connection remains intact even after removing the physical screen. This causes macOS to believe the ...
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How to disable clamshell mode behaviour? Force machine lock on lid close

There is Clamshell app in AppStore that can run following actions when laptop lid is closed: Sleep Immediate Shut Down Turn Off Displays & Prevent Idle Sleep Keep External Displays On & ...
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My MacBook stopped charging after I reset the SMC

The problem was solved, and it is strange that it was solved by itself after the MacBook had been lying in a hot car for two whole days. When I took the macbook out of the car, it was completely so ...
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Distorted, robotic-sounding audio on Google Meet from AirPods 2 (via microphone)

I resolved the issue by using the USB connection for my Logitech MX keys and MX Master. Using Bluetooth for keyboard, mouse, and AirPods was too much.
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Corrupt Storyboard rendering in Xcode 15 on OCLP Ventura and Sonoma on Kepler graphics (MBP mid 2014)

I've learned that the issue only occurs if the storyboard is opened while there is an external monitor connected, and I've also learned that external monitors are handled by the discrete GPU on this ...
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Macbook Pro automatically boots with closed lid

Try resetting the NVRAM and Power Management Controller. I had the same problem and this seems like it finally worked for me. I might have confised my OS by ...
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Unable to upload non-tiny files, streaming music is choppy

The solution was to change my router*’s MTU to 1400 from Auto (which I suspect was 1500). Doesn't feel like a proper solution though, so I'm happy to discuss further if anyone wants to. *- A single ...
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set audio alarm for when charger is disconnected

Slightly different use case, if you want a distinct chime only once when the battery power kicks in (either by unplugging adapter or by simply losing power to the adapter). Thanks to Trane Francks ...
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Unable to upload non-tiny files, streaming music is choppy

If the problem is hardware, you should be able to reproduce this easily with a USB drive. Install macOS onto that drive and boot and make a clean new account and repeat the safari upload. Hardware ...
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Can I tell my Mac to charge to 80% only?

I use this shortcut that I run when I'm working at my desk and need to plug-in:
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Can any of the MacBook Pro computers with Apple Silicon drive an external monitor at higher than 60 hertz refresh rates?

Yes, the refresh rate can be greater than 60 Hz for an external monitor. For example, shows the following for the 2023 Apple MacBook Pro "M2 Pro" 12 CPU/19 GPU 14". This ...
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Why is my MacBook showing a white flash sometimes?

This is an annoying bug. What solved it for me: Go to System Settings > Accessibility > Audio and activate "Flash screen on warning tone" Go to System Settings > Sound and play the ...
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Can I trigger a HomeKit scene when my laptop's camera is turned on or off?

Based off @Edward Anderson's answer The predicate and filter has changed in MacOS Sonoma 14.5. exec log stream --predicate '(eventMessage CONTAINS "AVCaptureSessionDidStartRunningNotification&...
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MacBook Air Battery slows everything down after visiting service for diagnostics

Zero FCC and zero cycles sounds like the controller has failed or is grey market. I would get a recommendation direct from Apple with remote battery service diagnostics without knowing a lot of ...
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Inadvertently Set Macbook to Enforce Smartcard Login and Need to Bypass it

I just solved this over the weekend doing these things. MacBook Smart Card Locks System Up: Fix Account must use smart card to login error message: smart card pin prompt doesn’t come up but password ...
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