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Is there a way to use Siri with my Bluetooth?

To add to what Mommy Me stated, I found out that if I press and hold the call button, quickly say "Hey Siri", then quickly release the call button, you will hear the 3-note headset response ...
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Is there a limit to amount of bluetooth devices connected to a MacBook Pro?

It does indeed seem to be a bandwidth limitation with MacOS Bluetooth, I can only manage 3 atm on an M1 Macbook Pro: Bluetooth keyboard (Air75) Bluetooth receiver for wired speakers OR Sennheiser ...
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Prevent auto-pairing for certain devices (Bluetooth)

I had a similar problem with my headphones always connecting to my mac. I did the following: Install some helpers via brew blueutil coreutils Find the bluetooth device id via blueutil --paired ...
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Bluetooth audio is choppy / stuttering

I was facing this issue with my JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker and my Mac Mini M2 setup. I have a Logitech Flip mouse and a Logitech keyboard, both Bluetooth, connected to my Mac. I could barely play ...
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Is there a way to "clear" Apple podcasts locally on iOS?

The first thing to validate and re-establish is to organize the library on the phone. Second thing would be to understand if you are using CarPlay or the native iPod legacy play interface. They do ...
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