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Delete photo from photos app in mac does not remove that photo from the storage

Photos is designed for people that don’t want to manage their photos in a filesystem. Photos is designed for people that wish for their libraries and metadata and organization to sync. If you have ...
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How do I force Photos on Mac to upload photos to iCloud Photo Library when syncing stalls out?

I always have one temp album. Whenever I like to sync, I just add the latest photos to that album and will create a iCloud link. The sync will automatically start for rest of the photos too. If not ...
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Is there an ipad app to manage photo and video on external storage?

“FileBrowser Pro” can do browse and delete on external media on an iPad.
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Make Photos recognize several separate photos as a Burst?

This isn't a full answer to your question, but this blog post will explain the mechanism by which Photos bursts work. Unfortunately (because I would also like to do this—basically recreate Aperture/...
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"Unknown Error" when importing photos on macOS Sonoma

Okay, I chained a few things together and was able to get it working. First, as mentioned earlier, I stripped out extended attributes and added generous permissions on the files with xattr -rc and ...
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