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Mac Photos app stuck on "Restoring from iCloud"

"I'll probably skip right to turning iCloud off and back on, since it sounds like there's no way to avoid re-uploading every photo anyway." This is an old thread, but I'm wrestling with a ...
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How to export edited pictures from 'Photos" app with Applescript while preserving the image metadata?

I have finally found a solution. There is one export command option: export CurrentSelection using originals yes to (pTargetFolderPath as alias) that permits to export the original pictures from ...
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How can you delete Message attachments from iCloud?

I managed to clear storage by going inside the "all messages" -> "recently deleted messages" and selecting the messages I just deleted (big videos and pictures) and then ...
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Can the Apple Photos app index large photo libraries on an external drive?

Yes. I have had photos on an external drive. The "Photos Library.photoslibrary" is the library for Photos. The default location is on the boot drive but you can change it to be on any drive. ...
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Copy photos from iPhone to Windows without quality loss

I finally found a reliable way to get photos from my iPhone to my Windows 10 PC! Short answer: Plug in the iPhone with a USB cable, unlock the phone, "trust this computer" if prompted. Hit ...
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How to adjust the number of images per row in icon view? (Finder)

You can also run the View menu cleanup command when in icon view, which I think was your original question.
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Can the Apple Photos app index large photo libraries on an external drive?

I don't think iCloud will be of much help in this case, due to storage capacity limitations of the cloud. Although keeping a copy of just your "favorites" photo album there might be a good ...
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