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The simplest way is to 'clone' the disk, making an exact duplicate, so that everything is exactly as you left it, but just on a new physical device. First of all, you need a way of connecting either the SSD as an external device, so that the SSD is connected. You can either get a SATA to USB cable, or you can get an 'enclosure', which is a box to put the ...


Macs come with an app named "Migration Assistant" that will help you copy all files from an old computer to a new one. There are directions for Migration Assitant located on the internet and a good set of directions is given here. This link will also describe the app. This is the Apple Supported method to transfer files from one computer to another. The app ...


Provided you have an enclosure for the HDD or SSD that you can connect via USB, you could use a tool like Carbon Copy Cloner. (CCC has a 30-day trial and is $39.99 to purchase after that. I've had good experience with CCC, but other free or paid utilities may work better for you.) The convenient part of using CCC or another utility is that it can make the ...


Try the free AVCHD to MOV Lite on the App Store. (Hat tip to How can I convert .MTS file (AVCHD) to .mp4 by ffmpeg without re-encoding H264 video stream? ).

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