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How do I make the 'say -v PersonalVoice' command save output to a file?

It seems to be yet another Apple restriction rather than a bug. Although it notes in say's man page that not all voices are compatible with all audio configurations, I tried many of the system voices ...
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Can one use iPhone as an AirPlay target and play audio from Mac?

Found a solution. I just installed Kodi which runs as a AirPlay reciever, so that I can get the computer audio played on my phone, works flawless.
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Is it possible to play a music on one speaker and use headphones for online meeting on Mac?

SoundSource allows application-specific audio routing, with all connected output devices as possible targets.
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How do I access MacOS Sonoma Personal Voice from command line?

The "say" command works fine with personal voice, but it doesn't do the necessary tasks to request permissions to be granted to the Terminal app. The problem is that Mac OS Sonoma does not ...
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Stop Macbook from stealing Bluetooth audio focus on Bose headphones

Are you running Zoom? After a call, it doesn't seem to close off the audio properly. Quitting and restarting the Zoom app releases the headphones. Other causes could be a tab in a browser playing ...
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FaceTime calls lower system volume

Managed to do it during an active call :) I noticed it's only audio ducking the other sounds playing on the audio output device selected under FaceTime -> menu bar -> Video -> Output. Usually,...
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Bluetooth audio is choppy / stuttering

The problem you are experiencing may be related to an application requesting access to the microphone built into your headphones. Applications that use microphone access may briefly interrupt or ...
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How to Remove Virtual Input/Output Device 'BoomAudio' on MacOS Ventura 13.6.1?

You should have uninstalled from inside the running app itself. If you have Boom 3D, there's a separate uninstaller available. For Boom 2 either re-install the app then follow the instructions in How ...
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