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Manually set iTunes play/pause button

If anyone's hunting for an option in 2023 for Ventura and still using iTunes, we still have options: Keyboard ...
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How do I switch Apple Watch's "Now Playing" source between "phone mode" and "watch mode"

This is a slightly old question, so they probably just fixed the UI over the years. For me the top left corner of Now Playing says the source the app is currently controlling. If you tap that it ...
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Shuffle by album on iOS-devices?

Yet another app that does album shuffling: Highlights automatically skips the current album when you skip consecutive songs (useful especially when ...
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Is there a "Apple Music App" for Windows10 OR is only the iTunes app available?

There is currently (5/2023) an Apple Music Preview available from the Windows app store. I assume it's a safe bet that a full version will be available soon.
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