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Connecting a Apple Thunderbolt Display 27 inch 2016 to a HP Elitebook 840 G8 via HDMI or USB-C or any active adapter?

HDMI is not thunderbolt. USB-C is not necessarily Thunderbolt. Apple Thunderbolt displays are Thunderbolt only. If the PC doesn’t have Thunderbolt, you will need to add that hardware for this to work. ...
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Dual external display flickering issues with CalDigit USB-C HDMI Dock and MacBook Pro 2017

I had the same issue and was able to get it working using the Windows Firmware Updater tool. Unfortunately you need a Windows laptop with a USB-C port to run the updater, there doesn't seem to be a ...
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How to connect two monitors to M1 Mac Mini using a Thunderbolt Dock?

You can't do it with the particular Thunderbolt hub you have. You need one with DisplayLink support for M1 based Mac. The Sonnet DisplayLink Dual DisplayPort Adapter works. (Alternatively, your ...
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