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It would be a lot less soldering to open the file in Audacity* [freeware] & reverse the phase of one side of the stereo image - Sonically, if both sides were phase-inverted you really wouldn't be able to tell. Ears cannot resolve absolute phase, only relative phase. If one side is out of phase, then sounds ...


Looking at the spec on Amazon & the complaints about this mic, I think you should send it back. It's designed to look like a cheap low impedance large diaphragm condenser, but in actual fact is an even cheaper high impedance electret condenser [that's the kind of thing you get in a headset]. It needs plugin power of 1.5v from the Mac, just like a headset ...


Does it come with a control panel of any sort? Sounds like you need to raise the buffer so it can keep up - basically the computer is 'too busy' to process realtime. Alternatively, try changing the input sample rate in Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup Rates may be variable between 16k right up to 48, 96 or 192k, depending on the device capabilities. Zoom, ...


Terminal alerts use the same specified output as system "Sound Effects", not the 'Input' & 'Output' sources.

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