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How to combine 4 images into a grid?

Montage ImageMagik includes a Montage feature: The original use of "magick montage" is to generate tables of image thumbnails, that is, to reference thumbnails of large collections of ...
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Apple Watch app to trigger shell scripts on remote UNIX box

Yes, you can use an app such as sshRequester.
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Apple Watch Web Browsing app

Apple's WebKit-based web browser implementation on the Apple Watch is not available for third party developers to use in app. If you yourself are a developer, you can just use WKWebView as a private ...
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Mojave 10.14.6 is it possible to specific folder icons links in the finder context menu?

If you can’t find a utility that works as expected, the next best thing it to bring these recents / automation to the open and save dialogs. The long time champion for this is Default Folder X - https:...
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Is there a Mac screen capture tool that will export to animated gif?

Kap works well for me, so maybe for others too.
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What programs exist to find and delete "orphan files" left after deleting an Application?

We can see the apps previously installed in our macOS with a terminal command: ls -la /private/var/db/receipts/ Then we can use their codename to locate related files: locate [app_name]
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Application level volume control in OS X?

I also found Sound Control by Static Z Software. I've personally not used it so YMMV.
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iPad 2 in the year 2022

I sometimes use it as a secondary monitor. You have to use a Mac companion app to connect to the iPad. There are multiple solutions, I found Yam Display useful because it supports my iPad 2. You can ...
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Is there a software that can visually highlight focused windows more?

A free alternative is to keep an eye on the colorful corner buttons, they grey out when inactive. Otherwise... Haven't used it yet, but HazeOver seems the best option.
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Start menu + taskbar for Mac OS X

This is an old thread, but for anyone looking for this, ActiveDock is the best i've found so far. Not perfect, but unfortunately uBar was just too buggy and missing some obvious features. This seems ...
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Is there a bash command to make a screen text box?

Here's my attempt using wish: #!/usr/bin/env wish pack [text .t] update idletasks while {[gets stdin line] >= 0} { # puts ">>> '$line'" .t insert end "$line\n&...
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