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Saving a Safari page as a PNG image

You can do it in two steps. Save the page in PDF. Open it in Preview app, and export that to PNG.
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What Window Management Options exist for OS X?

Swish 16$, Not in AppStore Works with Trackpad gestures, feels native and smooth
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Is there a Mac screen capture tool that will export to animated gif?

Now completely trivial (2020s!): Open Quicktime and make a screen movie which will be a .mov. There are now 100s of web sites that convert .mov to animated gif, google. (Random example.) Example ...
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Any free VM's for Apple Silicon MacBooks?

You can't use a virtualizer. A virtualizer virtualizes hardware that is there. But you don't have an AMD64 CPU, you have an AArch64 CPU, so there is nothing to virtualize. What you need is an emulator....
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emacs-like key-bindings for window management within macOS

I have been using Spectacle for quite sometime now. You can move a window to the left or right with: ⌘ Command ⌥ Option → OR ⌘ Command ⌥ Option ← Best of all it is completely free to use.
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How to open "BigTIFF" files?

Although this is an old question it hasn't really been answered. I recently needed to create BigTiff images on my Mac using Python. If you have python available, I would check out the Python tifffile ...
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Is there an audio player with waveform seekbar?

I have been looking for the same for macOS. The "best ones" I know are these two; all work on Windows, macOS, and Linux. I hope they don't cease development. Nulloy Quod Libet Quod Libet ...
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Alternative activity monitors for OS X?

The htop tool is a pretty clean command-line option. It can be installed using homebrew like this: brew install htop and when that's installed you can run it by simply typing htop in your terminal. ...
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