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Attempting to repair a split Fusion Drive

As @DavidAnderson pointed it out, the issue was in the protective MBR (the first 512 bytes). The issue was the signature: The signature is supposed to be 0xAA55 and disk1 shows 0xBB55 To solve the ...
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2008 iMac screen problem

It's certainly a hardware fault somewhere that's affecting either the screen itself or the graphics circuitry. (Those old iMacs had a tendency to blow capacitors.) No one can answer whether it's ...
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Connect a DVD player to an iMac

The inexpensive solution is buy a display that accepts HDMI signals and avoid the expense and setup time of video capture hardware, audio capture hardware, mixing software and possibly capture ...
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Need assistance installing Windows 10 64bit on a late 2009 IMac 27in with a non functional optical drive

My Test Environment When viewing the images below, I thought it might be helpful to explain the environment from which they were taken. The steps you will take to install Windows 10 will differ from ...
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