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Update This is working for me now for the last 2 days. When the new WiFi router was set up, I took advantage of the option to use the exact same network name and password for my network that was used with the previous router (different manufacturer and network type). Basically, I’m lazy and didn’t want to relog into 20+ devices on the existing network. That ...


The Ethernet service is shown as Connected, so the physical ethernet link was successfully established. An IP address was received by the DHCP server, as well as a valid configuration for subnet, gateway and DNS servers, so communication from your Mac to the DHCP server (in this case your router) was successful. This rules out any problem with the ethernet ...


A bit late to the party but you can take these glorious beasts to Big Sur! A GPU replacement plus using BenSova's Patched Sur and mine is running better than ever! This page was really useful


How to get the photos to appear for selection in the macOS Photos app after only waiting 1-2 minutes Disconnect the iPhone. Close the macOS Photos app. On the iPhone, open Settings. Select Photos in the Settings App of the iPhone. In the "Transfer to Mac or PC" section of the Photos settings, Automatic is the default. Change it to Keep Originals. ...


Did you use a 'Thunderbolt' or 'Thunderbolt 2' cable to connect the two macs? Also judging by your description the iMac has Mojave installed whereas TDM would work only on an iMac with High Sierra or below. For reference please follow this official Apple article:


From the top: I'm really nervous about the thermal paste replacement, mostly because I've never used one of those graphite pads before. Graphite pads, rather than using paste, wouldn't cause an issue. You didn't place the pad between the pins and CPU, I assume. Although I looked at the iFixit tutorial beforehand, one of the things I didn't realize was ...

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