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Bluetooth audio is choppy / stuttering

I had the same issue. Tried everything above and nothing helped. What did help a lot was removing unused devices from the "My devices" list.
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Accessing ICloud Drive files from an iPad

You must check you are logged in to the same iCloud account on your mac and on your iPad, if not, connect to the same one. Open the Files app on iPad and click on "iCloud drive" under ...
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How do I remove a 'pmset' auto-wakeup command for my Mac?

Simple. Execute pmset repeat cancel.
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What are my hardware upgrade options for a late 2009 iMac?

Imac 11,1 27 late 2009. Can confirm enormous speed increase with SSD (really easy to do it yourself, see ifixit website) and 32GB memory uograde . Did it years ago. Recently implemented Monterey using ...
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Should I upgrade my Intel E7600 CPU for an E8600 in my iMac 27" late 2009?

If your main use of the computer is for the internet then I would say it's a good investment to continue with upgrades to these type of older computers. You can upgrade the GPU, graphics card. I sell ...
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Can airtags be tracked from an iMac desktop, with no iPhone?

Yes you can track an AirTag with your Mac, but you can't set it up unless you have an iOS device. Verbatim tracking instructions transcribed and formatted below, taken from the Apple Support link ...
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Is it possible to OPERATE an iPad app from an iMac? Sidecar, maybe?

The (/An) Answer So, the general consensus is, "No, given the constraints [I'm] operating within." The options one has to carry out what I was trying to do are all contingent on the AppleID'...
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Files have disappeared overnight - where are they?

It sounds like you may have accidentally deleted or moved the "Rushes" folder and its contents on your iMac, which contained the video files you need for your project. If you've searched ...
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How to map the "Eject" key on Non-Mac keyboard?

The shortcut ⌘ CommandE will perform the eject action anytime you have a disk selected in Finder, be it optical, removable, or mounted.
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How to install a fresh macOS on an iMac with a new hard disk?

I`d say try the Internet recovery. It should download everything and install it. And it might take MUCH longer than 30 minutes. Just give it a try. Apart from that, your best option might be to create ...
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