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Can use iostat to debug / watch the performance over time - e.g. (summarise over 30 second intervals) # iostat 30 disk0 disk2 cpu load average KB/t tps MB/s KB/t tps MB/s us sy id 1m 5m 15m 24.73 8 0.20 30.90 0 0.00 10 7 82 1.40 1.67 2.02 5.54 935 5.06 0.00 0 0.00 13 20 ...


Assuming there is no fault with any hardware or software, the following are some of the major factors that can contribute to a copy speed proceeding slower than the maximum transfer speed that a hard drive is capable of: Copying large numbers of small files with a single-threaded copying process... The overhead of simply opening each file for reading and ...


There is a way but you need to enable 1 thing in windows - it means - make a writable ftp server and connect to that server directly from ios app named „files” then you can do it. Only that you need to know how to configure ftp in windows (but that’s not a place I think for sharing thoughts about windows).


I couldn't find the way to do it natively on the iPad so I used the application Filemail (mirror) (gratis), which: allows users to select all photos+videos in one click (open Filemail then upload all pics/vids from there) doesn't stop uploads after the iPad gets auto-locked. doesn't require no registration to send up to 50 GB doesn't have any ad.


Open Select the photos you’re interested in. Menu-select Export, submenu export originals Put them anywhere you want. Edit: Having been alerted that I haven’t answered the question at the end, I decided to not delete this as it may be useful to someone else.

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