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Here is the official answer from Apple (specifically, Jack, a senior advisor with Apple Developer Program Support):


I've not yet found the precise location of each project, but I have found that it's stored in the photo library. So, to perform this transfer, I just zip up the library and transfer it over. Doing this I can also have multiple sets of projects to test with, and if I need to, I can revert to an older/primary/specific one at any time. I would still like to ...


Find the Imovie Library In finder navigate to the Imovie Library file. It should be in this directory Users/NAME/Movies/iMovie Library. Right click the and select Show Package Contents. Find the right event There you'll find a directory for each event. Each event directory contains a folder called original media. Those files can be dragged into Photos.


Try copy pasting the whole folder. It is easy and quite flexible at the same time It worked like a charm for me. cmd C (on Mac) ctrl V (on Windows)

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