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How to alert when iPhone disconnects from iPad (same Apple ID) Hotspot?

You can do this by using the Automations tab in the shortcuts app. You need to click on automations, then press the plus icon in the top right. After that, search Wi-Fi. An automation labeled "Wi-...
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How do I find out what wireless card my Mac has?

On MacBook with Apple Silicon (M1 Pro) and macOS Ventura 13.6 the command mentioned in the other answers ioreg -r -n ARPT | grep IOName returned nothing. I had to adjust it to: ioreg -r -n wlan | grep ...
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How to create computer-to-computer network on macOS Sonoma (2023+)

I found it! and it works like a charm ;) Thanks to Matt Moore!
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Time Capsule will not allow allow a guest network in Bridge mode. Why?

The TimeCapsule allows enabling the Guest Network while in bridge mode, but because bridge mode disables all management services, the Time Capsule has no ability to offer any services for this second ...
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Not able to connect to DB(Deutsche Bahn) Wifi on ICE trains using Macbook Pro?

Do not delete DNS entries. Sometimes, there are company-specific entries in there, especially if it's not a privately used MacBook. You might encounter issues after the train ride. If you are already ...
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Guide to the output of the apple airport -s command line utility

In here, HT stands for "High Throughput". It just shows is the network supports or not High Throughput (obviously, Y = yes and N = no).
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