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How to fix broken GPT, GUID and unmountable, no type volumes?

I'm not exactly answering the question but hoping this will help someone else. It was a 100G 7200rpm drive that had been mirrored from a 120G SSD, and then it suddenly became unreadable. I followed ...
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External Hard Drive No Longer Detected On Macbook Pro

Have you tried Disk Utility (Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility.App) When it has loaded, this may take a while as it tries to load your external drive, select the drive, which will probably be ...
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How to mount external disk with sshfs and show the name in Finder?

There is a volname argument. Have you tried adding -ovolname=remote … when you use ssh to make sftp build a snapshot of the remote filesystem locally on your Mac.
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WD Hard Disk not Mounting/First Aid not Running

I've been experiencing this same issue. Kept digging and searching and found the following entries:
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