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What is this Login Item - Allow in the Background?

Mark Allan is the author/founder of ClamXAV, Mac Antivirus software. I grepped the system, particularly looking at: /Library/LaunchDaemons/ /Library/LaunchAgents/ ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ Couple of ...
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MacBook Pro won't start up on Mondays

Resetting the NVRAM (or "Zapping the PRAM" if you're old-sk00l like me) solved this issue, the machine is now eager to work on Mondays again.
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Easiest and safest way to clean the startup disk

As you've said, you're not running low of disk space, so that's not the problem, and there's no immediate urgency to start deleting stuff. However, a tidy system is always a good thing. You can use ...
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Prevent MacOS (Monterey) from Always Turning Wi-Fi ON when Startup or Log in

Perhaps creating a new "Location" called "Wired Only" and remove the WiFi option would do this.
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Need Boot Manager at startup every time. (old question, new problem)

You could install the rEFInd boot manager so rEFInd could be selected from the Startup Disk pane of Yosemite's System Preferences. The rEFInd boot manager would need to configured to automatically ...

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