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Macbook Pro automatically boots with closed lid

Try resetting the NVRAM and Power Management Controller. I had the same problem and this seems like it finally worked for me. I might have confised my OS by ...
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Mac OS goes into Recovery mode at every update

I found this question searching for answers for a similar issue with Ventura. A few different links I found suggest running Disk First Aid from Disk Utility (either when booted into Recovery Mode, or ...
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Cannot install macOS Sonoma to an external SSD on MacBook

Since you still have macOS Sonoma 14.5 on the internal disk, you should be able to skip a third party tutorial and follow Apple exact process to install macOS on an external drive. https://support....
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Any way to access Startup Security Utility when Internal SSD dead/corrupt?

The T2 chip holds a signed certificate and secure token linked to the admin account that can authenticate the Recovery Utilities. So another account with the same name and password won't cut it. You ...
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