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Set different default browser for different apps on macOS

I have looked for a solution to this several times in the past and just found three different options today. I'm going to list them in the order I recommend them, as I am sure there are reasons you ...
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How can I connect my old iPad 2 to WiFi?

Just some pointers - not exactly sure about the menus in iOS 9, but it should be along those lines. Can other devices connect to your router? Have you checked that Airplane Mode is off and Wi-Fi Mode ...
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How can I connect my old iPad 2 to WiFi?

make sure your router is running in WPA2 or WPA2/WPA3 Transitional mode. Your ipad is not compatible with WPA3, so needs WPA2. I have seen comments that the Transitional mode can cause issues, so ...
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Is there a web interface for iTunes M4A access?

Yes - Apple provides to access your library on the web. This is a fairly new development and also compliments the availability of Apple Music (or your iTunes music library when ...
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