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Applescript & Safari Question

Create an automator document. While testing, make it a workflow. Once you've got it working the way you like, you can make an application or whatever is most useful. Add two actions, both from the ...
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Can't block Safari sites via Terminal /etc/hosts file

For your receipe to work, you will have to block 3 DNS protocols: IPv4 ( 53 / UDP ), IPv6 ( 53 / UDP ), DoH ( DNS over HTTPS = 443 / TCP ) As an example, imagine you want to block ...
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Safari http site keep loading forever

It works for me on Safari Version 17.3.1 (17617., 17617) it shows this picture My settings
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How to make a webpage with an icon on the iOS home screen open Safari with full functioning?

You'll want to use shortcuts to do this. Apple intends for the chrome to fade away on Safari 15, so to escape that default behavior, I believe your best bet is to save a workflow to the Home Screen ...
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Open list of URLs in your clipboard as new tabs in Safari

To copy the URLs of all tabs in Chrome, no additional extension is necessary. I followed the following steps (as suggested by Google) to copy all the URLs Here's how to save all open tabs in Google ...
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How do I update my root certificates on an older version of Mac OS (e.g. El Capitan)?

Given answers didn't help for console applications. I believe most of them are curl-based, and here is what you can do: make a backup for /etc/ssl/cert.pem file open /etc/ssl/cert.pem with your ...
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