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How to duplicate tab via keyboard only in Google Chrome?

Press Command + L to select current URL, then Option + Return to duplicate the current tab.
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How to duplicate tab via keyboard only in Google Chrome?

I do not really like this solutions, but it works from the keyboard only: In chrome create a bookmark (right click in the bookmark bar -> 'Add Page'). Edit the url to be: javascript:(function(){ ...
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Switching Spaces with 3-finger swipe, focus is still on the previous Space

I haven't found an exact solution to this problem but this works. Once you do the three-finger swipe, you can then press Cmd + ` This will bring your focus to the screen that is in front of you. If ...
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Security code autofill on Chrome on mac?

I've made many search about this, no solution found unfortunately. My workaround is to use this Alfred 2FA workflow (requires brew install node).
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Sudden massive increase in ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED errors in chrome

I don't think this is just Chrome. I have been having problems with Chrome getting ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED, but I am also having an issue with Microsoft Teams and uploading files and attachments. In both ...
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Why Selecting text to beginning/end of line with Command + Shift + Left/Right Arrow not working in Google Chrome + Mac?

Best suggestion I have is to check your chrome extensions. One of them might have that keystroke set as a parameter control. Switch each of them off individually and reload a page where you want to ...
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Google Chrome on macOS: Is there any way to move window buttons somewhere?

You've got to go to chrome://flags Search for "Immersive Fullscreen Toolbar" and enable it. Then restart your browser.
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What could explain why “request desktop site” option is greyed out on some pages on Chrome on my iPhone?

What could explain why “request desktop site” option is greyed out on some pages on Chrome on my iPhone? Because, the site developers didn't see the need for or didn't want to implement a view port ...
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How to remove chrome app icons from launchpad?

If you want to just remove from only the Dock, you can drag it off launch pad until it show "remove" word and let go. To remove from launch pad, there needs to be uninstalling of the app. To ...
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How can I copy the text of a link on Google Chrome for iOS? mentions two options: Take a screenshot and copy it from there. (Author: Reddit user throwawaybutofcourse) Hold somewhere that’s not the headline link, like right next to it, ...
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Google Chrome toolbar space problem

You can also try this: Open in chrome the page chrome://flags/ Search for Immersive Fullscreen Toolbar Enable it
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Can macOS Shortcuts be opened in browsers other than Safari, such as Google Chrome?

The Actions app provides a “Open URLs with App” action to open a URL in a specific browser. Disclosure: I'm the author.
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