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How to make Google Chrome stop asking to be the default browser?

July 2024 Update Open Google Chrome Go to chrome://flags Search for "Default Browser Prompt Refresh" Set to "Disabled" Wish these big tech companies would stop being so annoying!
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Distorted, robotic-sounding audio on Google Meet from AirPods 2 (via microphone)

I resolved the issue by using the USB connection for my Logitech MX keys and MX Master. Using Bluetooth for keyboard, mouse, and AirPods was too much.
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How to stop Chrome from auto-opening App Store?

For those using Arc, these settings are saved in User Defaults. Open the plist file for Arc: ~/Library/Preferences/company.thebrowser.Browser.plist Expand the arcAlwaysAllowedLinkToSchemesPerSite ...
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How can I stop this default web browser dialogue popping up?

I think it could be that my Choosy free trial had ended. I went through the process of setting my default browser to Firefox, then back to Choosy, and have now registered it and the problem has gone ...
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