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How can I permanently add my SSH private key to Keychain so it is automatically available to ssh?

It is not possible to add private key to Keychain, but you can store passphrase for private key in Keychain. On OSX, the native ssh-add command has a special argument to save the private key's ...
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Can't delete keychain items with UI, but command line works fine

I notice you say, "If I now redo the search in Keychain Access…" implying that you began by searching when you weren't able to delete the item. Find it in the list without searching and then delete. ...
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How do I stop 'mdwrite wants to use the "metadata" keychain' prompts?

I had the same problem. I opened my login keychain and searched for MetadataKeychain. I clicked show password and copied and pasted it into the dialog asking for the password. It worked!
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High Sierra 10.13 : Keychain Access Menubar Item Missing?

"Lock Screen" is now available via the Apple menu.
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How to view certificate info without installing

I'm not sure if this was available in the OS you had at the time you wrote your question, but at least with OS X 10.11.6, if you select the .crt file in the Finder and press the spacebar, a Quick Look ...
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How can I permanently add my SSH private key to Keychain so it is automatically available to ssh?

I had a similar problem, in that I was being asked every time for my pub-key passphrase. Per suggestion of user "trisweb" above, I turned on these options to ~/.ssh/config: Host * UseKeychain yes ...
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How do I update my root certificates on an older version of Mac OS (e.g. El Capitan)?

The easiest way to do this is to transfer your System Root certificates from another Mac to which you have access that runs a more modern version of macOS. (Why not just download them? See note that ...
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Can't delete keychain items with UI, but command line works fine

Had the same problem, found that I was able to delete keys once I switched from iCloud to login in the Default Keychains section.
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How to tell why macOS thinks that a certificate is revoked?

I tried crlrefresh rp and also manually deleting the OCSP cache with sudo rm /var/db/crls/*cache.db as documented by GlobalSign. However, the cache seems to be in a different location on macOS 10.12 ...
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How can I permanently add my SSH private key to Keychain so it is automatically available to ssh?

To all where the above did not work, my issue appears to have been because I was duplicating the UseKeychain yes & AddKeysToAgent yes in all ssh key profiles / shortcuts. I updated my ~/.ssh/...
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"Unknown Error = -2,147,414,007" on creating certificate with Certificate Assistant

Was able to get this to work. The purpose for creating a certificate was to codesign gdb on Mac. Here are the steps for the same:- Create a certificate with all the parameters mentioned above. ...
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How to tell Google Chrome to use my Keychain

Since v. 45 of chrome passwords are not synced to the OSX keychain anymore, the support has been dropped completely. https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=466638 Remove OS X Keychain ...
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macOS 10.12 Sierra will not forget my ssh keyfile passphrase

To disable storing passphrase in keychain you should add following lines to ~/.ssh/config file: Host * UseKeyChain no If you already have passphrase stored in keychain you can delete it using ...
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How can I permanently add my SSH private key to Keychain so it is automatically available to ssh?

Also, in macOS Sierra and High Sierra (don't know about previous versions), running ssh-add -A will get the agent to load all keys whose passphrases are stored on Keychain... So very handy Note that ...
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How do I delete or fix my Keychain after changing my password?

Along the same lines: "You can safely delete the Keychains folder (or just the folders inside it) in your home directory eg. /Users/yourusername/Library/Keychains this folder can be deleted. It ...
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macOS 10.12 Sierra will not forget my ssh keyfile passphrase

Thanks to Clive, I have a better understanding of this new 'feature'. When you type in your passphrase Sierra adds it to your Keychain but not to the ssh-agent. If your identity isn't in ssh-agent ...
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How to tell why macOS thinks that a certificate is revoked?

Might be this, seems GlobalSign has got a problem with their OCSP. This is taken from their twitter (https://twitter.com/globalsign/status/786505261842247680?lang=da) We are currently experiencing ...
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App / curl still getting certificate expired error due to expired Let's Encrypt certificate

OpenSSL on macOS does not use the system keychain (which makes sense as it's a cross platform library) but rather has its own .pem file containing its root certificates. Even though my systems have a ...
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OSX is repeatedly asking for login keychain password

The keychain by default locks after some time of inactivity and when the computer sleeps. You can disable this behaviour on the keychain settings: Select the keychain Edit / Right click Change ...
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Keychain won't let copy passwords after 10.11.1 update

Third-party utilities such as Alfred, TextExpander, or MagicPrefs might appear to take "control" of the window as far as the OS is concerned. You can find the culprit by disabling them all, and ...
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Recover SSH private key passphrase from keychain

Open Keychain Access and enable the option View > Show Invisible Items. Than you must search for id_rsa or ‘ssh’.
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What is Department of Defense Root CA 2 doing on my Mac?

It's one of the trusted certificate authorities for at least OS X Mavericks (10.9) through OS X El Capitan (10.11), so under those OS versions it'll be in the System Roots keychain. It was apparently ...
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OS X 10.11 unable to press "allow" on Keychain Access dialogs

I encountered this same issue today. I could not "Allow" or "Always Allow" any programs, nor could I confirm my password in any dialogues. The interface wouldn't shake, even if I had entered the ...
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Sync Chrome passwords with Apple iCloud Keychain

I just did that using Safari 13.1.1 (on Catalina 10.15.5). Open Chrome (if not already running) to refresh its cache Quit Chrome completely (⌘-Q) Open Safari (if not already running) Click File > ...
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iCloud Keychain in Safari Requires Password

On Mac OS 10.14.4, go to system preferences, select Touch ID. Uncheck using Touch ID for Safari AutoFill. It will no longer require Touch ID to autofill passwords and reverts back to earlier behavior....
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OSX is repeatedly asking for login keychain password

I had the same problem. It has bothered me for several weeks on my new Mac. It should be caused by changing Mac password using 3rd party software. On macOS El Capitan and Sierra, there is no Keychain ...
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How to access the Wi-Fi password through Terminal?

I think what you're actually looking for is this: security find-generic-password -ga "ROUTERNAME" | grep "password:" You'll get in response something like: password: "ThePassword" You can also ...
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How do you get a Cisco VPN connection to remember its password?

I guess you are using anyconnect to connect to the Cisco VPN server. AnyConnect can also be used from Terminal. This works on macOS Sierra and AnyConnect 3.1.14018. Create a bash script with the ...
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Unable to unlock login keychain on sierra in ssh

Your login keychain doesn't appear to be in the search list, i.e. when you checked it, it just shows the System keychain twice. No login keychain: (~)$ security list-keychains "/Library/Keychains/...
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Sync Chrome passwords with Apple iCloud Keychain

I've created small tool to deliver your credentials from Chrome into macOS keychain. Here is a page on github https://github.com/nntarasov/csv2keychain The program interacts with macOS command-line ...
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