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Can my boss share Cloud account contacts with me?

Apple does not support delegates for iCloud. Your boss would have to log in to your device with his credentials or hand over control of those credentials to you. You could create a second iCloud ...
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Unbearably slow iCloud sync, serious problem (fileproviderd)

fileproviderd maintains an SQLite database at this location: ~/Library/Application Support/FileProvider/*/database where * is a long hexadecimal string (a unique identifier). There may be more than ...
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Get Voice Memos from iPhone or MacOS to Apple Watch

I have tried a lot of things and nothing helped (including through mail) except one thing. If you have a Mac, you can create any voice memo on your watch and then redact it using the Voice Memos app ...
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Cannot empty iCloud trash folder

For others you may not know where other PCs you have also running iCloud(Yes I got multiple laptops) Login to iCloud webapp Click to enter iCloud Drive app (still with web) Find Trash folder on top ...
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