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How can I connect my old iPad 2 to WiFi?

make sure your router is running in WPA2 or WPA2/WPA3 Transitional mode. Your ipad is not compatible with WPA3, so needs WPA2. I have seen comments that the Transitional mode can cause issues, so ...
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How can I connect my old iPad 2 to WiFi?

Just some pointers - not exactly sure about the menus in iOS 9, but it should be along those lines. Can other devices connect to your router? Have you checked that Airplane Mode is off and Wi-Fi Mode ...
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Set local IP address for IKEv2 VPN connection using macOS built-in VPN client

Assuming that "virtual IP" means that your clients needs to use a specific client IP address: Searching Apple's Configuration Profile Reference, I did not find an option to set the client IP ...
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UTM on MacOS host, Ubuntu guest: how to network between host and guest?

For anyone coming in 1y later, working on a Mac M1 V 4.3.5 (87), with a Windows 11 Guest System and a Shared Network Setup. If you are in the guest and find do and search the gateway that Guest is ...
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