Is there a tool or a process where I can export/sync my Google Chrome saved passwords into iCloud Keychain?

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    I actually wrote a program to decrypt Chrome passwords in hopes of doing exactly this (copying to iCloud Keychain). Unfortunately, it would seem that Safari is granted a special entitlement which allows it to read and write from iCloud Keychain. I did consider writing a library to inject into Safari that would basically strap my current functionality and hijack Safari's abilities, but I got a bit tired of the project. I guess if there was demand for it, I could take another look. – Terry Jan 10 '18 at 13:29
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    @Terry can you share your Chrome password export program? The built-in export doesn't work for me. Mac has the security command to interface with keychain, which can be used to add or delete passwords. I'd like write a script to use security to sync the passwords from some Chrome export. Ideally doing it all in memory so that it doesn't leave any password files on disk. – zxlin Jan 11 '18 at 22:08

I've created small tool to deliver your credentials from Chrome into macOS keychain. Here is a page on github https://github.com/nntarasov/csv2keychain

The program interacts with macOS command-line utility called security with option add-internet-password. First of all you have to manually export credetials from chrome into .csv file. There is such feature in Chrome. So, the idea is very simple - the list of credentials from file is being added into system keychain via security


You can no longer share Google Chrome passwords with iCloud Keychain. Google Chrome 45 was the last one that could do it. Since then its been removed as an option.

Perhaps reaching out to Google Support and giving them something to pass on to the devs for Chrome for Mac could inspire something.

Until they replace it, I recommend using a 3rd Party option since they work with nearly every platform and device type. Such as LastPass, Dashlane, Roboform, Keepass, 1Password, Privacy, GNOME keyring, etc.

They may work with Keychain and gather passwords saved in Chrome. Thats the only auto-sync solution that is available.

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