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No, not without any type of jailbreak. Apple doesn't allow any changes to the default grid view of their iOS/iPadOS devices. If you have a jailbroken device, you can use tweak like HomeList. This adds watchOS-type scrolling to the home page.


iExplorer, which runs on macOS and Windows, can open iPhone backups. You need to know the password if the backup has been encrypted. Disclaimer: I’m a satisfied customer of MacroPlant LLC, and have no financial or other ties.


FWIW, this just happened to me. Had auto updates turned off, kinda freaked me out. Turned out, in my case, I had enabled “offload unused apps” to free up space - got a feeling this might be why all my apps needed re-downloading. Not sure if “re-downloading” == “upgrade”.


There is - as far as I know - no option to do exactly what you want to achieve. How the iPhone camera app makes a time-lapse and what it means for you: I will quote from an apple community thread since this explanation is very good I think: The iPhone's time lapse camera will condense to about 20-40 seconds regardless of how long you record your time-...


You must actively encrypt sensitive data. This is the only way you can reliably manage the risk involved. Every iOS application's data is stored within a container. In theory only your application and the operating system can access the contents of this container. You can opt for the operating system to handle the encryption for your app: Encrypting ...


This can't be done on any current, base version of iOS. As you've found, you can either block or allow a user to send you a Message but that's about it. Even Screen Time, which was enhanced in iOS 13, doesn't allow this type of granularity for Messages. You can try to find a 3rd-party messaging app in the App Store but not aware of any that do what you're ...

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