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Does Sonoma encrypt a disk without asking?

You can confirm whether your disk is encrypted in Disk Utility. In the sidebar, select the Data volume - it may be called Macintosh HD - Data or just Data and review whether it says APFS or APFS (...
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Does Sonoma encrypt a disk without asking?

If you have an Intel Mac with a T2 chip, or an M-series Apple Silicon Mac: Data on the built-in, solid-state drive (SSD) is encrypted using a hardware-accelerated AES engine built into the chip. This ...
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how does SetupAssistant treat uid numbers when moving users from an old machine to a newly installed OS?

Migration of users and UID happen before the setup assistant offers to make a new admin account, so your old UID are preserved when you adopt a backup after installing a new OS. If you happened to run ...
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Does Sonoma encrypt a disk without asking?

I encountered the same problem, my HD was not encrypted before upgrading to Sonoma and nor was it after the upgrade but the warning poped up immediately. I decided to 'eject' the Time Machine ...
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Attaching a Time Machine backup to new machine

As suggested by @alper I'm posting my comment as an answer: In the meantime I attached the drive to the new iMac to see what would happen (honestly: I was a bit upset how much trouble the Time Machine ...
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Meaning of "[com.apple.TimeMachine.TMLogError] Failed to send message because the port couldn't be created."

According to the article Why have my Time Machine backups stopped or become irregular? You may see some minor errors, such as UserEventAgent[67]: (TimeMachine) [com.apple.TimeMachine.TMLogError] ...
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