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Fresh OS install + Data restore

I'd recommend to use an external SSD if your Mac only has a spinning hard drive. The later macOS versions (Ventura, Sonoma) are not designed for hard disks and won't be performant if not installed on ...
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Fresh OS install + Data restore

The only reason for wiping the whole disk is your requirement to switch to HFS. Normally, upgrading the OS should never require erasing anything. There is no point in a "clean" install, if ...
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Best practices to debug macOS Time Machine errors?

My practices (best or otherwise): Ignore all technical descriptions, discussions and solutions more than about 2 years old. The internals of Time Machine (TM) have changed in two major ways: Old TM ...
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Why does Time Machine settings not see a network drive?

For Posterity, this appears to have been resolved at some point between 14.4.1 and 14.5. But is not in the release notes that I could find. Potentially an unexpected consequence related to another ...
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Time Machine sync over multiple Macs

It sounds more like a task for Carbon Copy Cloner. It will compare a source to a target and update everything that is different on the target. Time machines are very partial to a certain device, as ...
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