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What you have done is upset the logical volume "Macintosh HD". For security reasons macOS Catalina splits the logical boot volume, in your case "Macintosh HD" into two physical volumes, one for all the system files and another for the use data which has " - Data" put on the end of the name. You've erased half the logical volume, you should have erased ...


How to Use the Command Line Interface (CLI) to Install a BIOS Booting Windows 10 Part 1: Build the Installation Flash Drive Note: The version of macOS is High Sierra 10.13.6. Use the Disk Utility application to erase a 16 GB or larger flash drive. Choose the parameters shown in the image below. Download latest 64 bit Windows 10 from Microsoft. In my ...


You can try the Reset this PC option and if it doesn't work, simply copy and files to iCloud, OneDrive, etc or a hard drive and then remove the Bootcamp partition from macOS and reinstall Windows 10.


While generally speaking, you can simply copy an app bundle from one Mac to another, it doesn't carry over the user data and app preferences that the app generates and stored elsewhere (generally somewhere in users home directory). Also, not every app Mac installs as a .app bundle and may have installed files elsewhere, causing the copying over .app bundle ...


Unfortunately there is no way to prevent an incoming Facetime call from interrupting your workflow. Apple has a document that outlines what can be configured for Facetime on a Mac.

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