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Should I install High Sierra in external SSD in iMac 2017 model for good performance or I can install latest version as well?

You can install Ventura (macOS 13), which is compatible with your Mac. The latest is Sonoma (macOS 14), which Apple has stated is not compatible with your Mac. If your internal drive is running High ...
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2018 Mac Mini Can View Some But Not All Files On External Hard Drive

The problem is that it is formatted as NTFS. I have had trouble (I lost data!) as a result of using NTFS on a Mac. The best thing to do is to copy the data to another location (to your Linux laptop) ...
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df reports strange inode info

FAT32 doesn't have inodes, it has a File Allocation Table; therefore used & free inodes are zero - but also 100% of the possible total. See SuperUser - What is the difference between FAT and Inode?...
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