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How can i give the "free space" on my internal ssd to the APFS container, where macos is installed?

You have to first remove disk0s3 by entering the command given below. diskutil erasevolume free none disk0s3 Next, add all the free space to disk0s2 by entering the command given below. diskutil apfs ...
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How to enlarge a APFS container with free space before it?

To add space to APFS partition containing the 时间机器⁩ volume, free space would have to occur after this partition. One possible solution would be to move this partition to occur immediately after the ...
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Properly check health of Mac SSD

Firstly, some 2017 MBPs do have a removable SSD module, so just be certain which type your Mac is. Error 2006F seems to indicate that Internet Recovery is not working. That suggests there isn't a ...
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Can't read/write via `dd`: got /dev/disk2: Permission denied (to Physical device)

Answer: OP steps are correct. If you follow all the earlier caveats, the problem is (likely) due to the hardware you are using. I had the same "permission denied" problem and tried all the ...
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