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What happens if I connect a charger via USB-C to an iMac (M1 2021)?

The docking station in question lists iMac as a compatible device but could this damage the iMac, or the docking station itself, because it is always connected and trying to power the iMac? Your iMac ...
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What happens if I connect a charger via USB-C to an iMac (M1 2021)?

The iMac will not be damaged in any way, as long as USB-C is connected to a correctly implemented charger. The charger tells the computer how much power it could supply (say 85 Watt), and the computer ...
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Unable to burn Windows 11 ISO image in macOS 14 (Sonoma)

It's not clear if you're intending to install Windows directly on your M1 Mac (only possible with the ARM version & virtualization software like UTM) or just need to create a proper bootable Win11 ...
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USB device not working properly on Mac Pro 5,1

Partial answer here: Legacy UHCI/OHCI support in Ventura #1021 Nutshell: Mac Pro implements USB 1.1 and 2.0 on separate controllers, with the controller chosen when a device is added. Connecting an ...
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how can I require macOS user password before mounting a USB device to the mac?

You can get pretty much what you want if you have a MacBook (not a desktop Mac) with Apple Silicon. In the Privacy & Security settings, select one of the options for "Allow accessories to ...
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USB-C to DP cable yields only 30Hz

I just have same issue and fixed by set display's USB HUB speed to 2.0 rather than USB3. My display is philips 272P7VUBNB.
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