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How can I use Windows to create an OS X El Capitan USB flash drive installer from the disk image (.dmg) file downloaded from Apple?

Note: A version of this answer, which uses macOS to create the USB flash drive OS X El Capitan installer, can be found here. Using Windows to create an USB flash drive El Capitan installer requires ...
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Are all Lightning to USB-C cables capable of the same charging power?

The 8 pin Lightning connector and assorted Apple cables will not be the limiting factor for charging any Apple device. The power adapter to which it connects will determine the fastest charging rate ...
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How do you turn on write blocking to USBs on a Mac?

The command you quote has never been able to give the effect you want. That command disables USB mass storage class devices entirely - i.e. you wouldn't be able to read the device at all (nor would ...
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USB via Thunderbolt Bridge

I have a 2011 iMac with High Sierra and a 2013 iMac with Catalina connected using a Thunderbolt 1 bridge. I assume the same would be true when using a Thunderbolt 3 bridge even though the hardware is ...
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How do I create a Mac bootable USB drive using Windows?

You can make a bootable USB flash drive OS X Mavericks installer from your Windows 7 installation. First, note the following: Since El Capitan has the same system requirements as Mavericks, you may ...

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