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Does macOS's Mail app support two-factor authentication for Outlook/Hotmail email accounts?

I have a MacBook Air (11-inch, mid 2012, Catalina 10.15.7) I use for travel. Since the last time I used it, I have enabled two-factor authentication (2FA) for my Microsoft Outlook (Hotmail) email ...
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Why does invitations sent from Apple software to users with GMail- or Hotmail-based Apple ID:s get mangled?

Problem: I have two friends that regularly send me calendar invitations. When these invitations arrive, the from-address is changed to [email protected]. Confirming these invitations doesn't ...
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Unable to verify mail every time I am at a different location

There are a lot of people that have a problem verifying mail clients and there are lots of solutions that may or may not work. I've seen that I have this problem every time my mail client (Catalina) ...
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iPhone: Safari password manager does not work with Hotmail anymore

Having a Microsoft Hotmail account I used to login on my iPhone Safari browser using the Safari password manager. But since Microsoft changed the login screen to a two step procedure (first the ...
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Mail app not allowing me to add my outlook(exchange) account

At first it stopped getting all my mails from all my hotmail/outlook related account, so I removed it from the preferences Then now I am trying to add it back and it's giving me this screen. If ...
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Mail shows 2 unread but there are no emails

Recently my Mail app is giving me the 2 unread badge, but there are no mail messages in the inbox: I do not remember when this started. I am on 9.3 beta but it started on 9.2 before I upgraded (using ...
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Can read mail on iPhone but not on computer

I can check mail on my Phone because the password was inputted when set up. After a while I forgot it and cannot check mail on my computer! I tried to retrieve it by using the "I forgot ..," but ...
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308 views calendar and contacts sync

I recently started using a mac, and my mind was blown by the fact that I can't sync my calendar with the default calendar app (same goes for contacts). I don't understand why this is the case ...
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Is there a plugin for hotmail calendars

I'd like to see my hotmail calendars using iCal (or if need be, another calendar tool). I have a new mac running Maverick and I'm blown away by the answers I'm seeing online. I don't want to forward ...
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How to send an email through an alias email address on iOS? (past Live Mail / Hotmail) allows creation of email aliases associated to one main account, which is very convenient. Using Exchange ActiveSync with an iOS device works really well on all ...
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Email contacts in iPhone contacts

When logging into hotmail on the mail app, do all contacts save into the contact list on the iPhone? Or only certain ones? If so how?
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Unable to Delete Email Using Hotmail on IOS 6

When attempting to delete emails in the Mail app using hotmail (exchange server) there is always the error: "the message could not be moved to the mailbox trash" Messages used to delete just fine, ...
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IMAP setting for hotmail in Outlook v14 for mac os x

I got for a few years a hotmail account and get my mail into outlook with POP setting.... everything is fine... But now i got a iPhone and iPad and there is some setting to get IMAP hotmail (
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Sync Hotmail folders to apple "Mail"

I love the Mail application on my Mac and want to centralize and administer my Mail account here. However, I can't configure the Mail program to synchronize my inbox, the sent box and other folders I ...
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Is there a good Hotmail client for Mac OS X?

I have had an Hotmail account since 1997 (i.e. don't ask me to switch - have hundreds of filters and folders and thousands of contacts) and I recently switched to a Mac and I am looking for a Mac ...
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