I have Covenant Eyes installed and its the worst possible thing ever. It was supposed to be a porn blocker but it didn't necessarily work great, and now is just a pesky blocker that I can't find a way to uninstall.

the only way to see the app is this here and theres nothing that opens when you open the app

When I try to uninstall it, it just fights back somehow, for example when I tried to use force quit and finder, it gave the error of "app is still running cannot move to trash". Naturally I tried to hit the terminal to uninstall it but cant figure out what to do from here, as I got this message when I tried to kill it this way.


Upon force quit using activity monitor the application does close for more than 3 seconds before turning itself off, and is also accompanied by 3 similar apps that do the exact same thing.

Now I believe this program is essentially un-removable, and It will not be able to be removed without wiping my Mac, but I didn't want to do that quite yet for obvious reasons. Any help to closing this and uninstalling using the terminal would be appreciated


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Covenant Eyes has some protection against just removing it (which makes sense, given how it works). It comes with an uninstaller which can be used to remove the application. See How do I uninstall Covenant Eyes on a Mac for details.

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